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Reading List?

8 years 1 month ago #28 by ntls team
Reading List? was created by ntls team
Are there some books that I should read in order to be prepared for coming for a Stress-free Dressage week?

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8 years 1 month ago #29 by rupert
Replied by rupert on topic Reading List?
for the basics try this: www.walmart.com/ip/15400788?wmlspartner=...=36830298910&veh=sem

for an idea of the history read this one by xenophon (an ancient athenian cavalry general) www.amazon.com/s/?ie=UTF8&keywords=xenop...f=pd_sl_19h9wy8ky9_b

to see how the system became systemized in the baroque period read la geurinere: www.krowchukdressage.com/2009/07/school-...l-edition-hardcover/

to see how it morphed into the classical tradition we see today:

to see how the sport branch of it differs somewhat from the classical branch:


to see classical masters in action: youtube Nuno Oliveira and Luis Valenca - the exercises we will be teaching you come down through that line

to see dressage practised at its optimum (ie as a war horse) type 'merlin lusitano bullfight' into youtube

you will see that although it was originally a system to train a horse for war - balanced, obedient, able to fire the energy out as an extension of the rider's will, the training system (dressage) now has a display aspect, a sport aspect and a bullfighting aspect (among others).

at horse boy we use it to create rhythms to rock the hips of an autistic rider in such a way that it floods their body with oxytocin, the feel good hormone which calms anxiety and promotes communication and learning. this is why we do it. but every horse should go through the system - and rider too - because its learning horses to the optimum. and if we love them, we should learn as much as we can


~ Rupert

HB: horseboyworld.com/jomsocial/1430-rupert/profile.html
TWITTER: @horseboyworld

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