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In hand work for a sensitive mouth

7 years 8 months ago #63 by Virginie
In hand work for a sensitive mouth was created by Virginie
My thoroughbred has a very sensitive mouth (and a strong personality...).
When I started her education as a saddle horse instead of racehorse a few years ago, she just didn't accept me to get any kind of contact with the reins. So for several months I had to ride her with a halter.

Now things are far better, and I can use a resin bit (I'm not sure of my translation...), that is really soft for her, and she accepts some contact when ride her.

The problem is that she still does not accept too much pressure despite this soft bit, and in the same time she does not respect it enough when I work in hand.
Do you think that a small pelham in copper instead of a simple bit in resin could help?

The caveçon was really not a success when I tried to use it some time ago.
And for lunging I always use a halter...

Any idea will be welcome! :)

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