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In hand exercises in detail

8 years 2 months ago #5 by ntls team
In hand exercises in detail was created by ntls team
A working student contacted us recently to recap the in hand exercise:
"I think I remember the exercises and I have been doing some in hand work with the others, but if you could send them to me anyway that would be great just so I am sure that I'm not missing anything. "

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8 years 2 months ago #6 by rupert
Replied by rupert on topic In hand exercises in detail
in hand - work to the hb 2 vid for yielding the poll/jaw and quarters (again practice w an imaginary horse first)

then stand at the shoulder and tap her gently behind the stirrup w the stick, as her to walk on four paces then stop w whip on shoulder. do this against a fence so she can keep a straight line. do this four times in both directions.

then take her into the corner of the field or arena (or put down two poles at right angles), yield the quarters in the corner one full circle. then as you come our of the second circle, as her head comes to the inside of the second part of the corner, turn your body towards her shoulders and help her over to three/four steps of shoulders in, using your stick to help her step the inside hind in front of the outside hind. have a friend help you at first. also do it in loosish side reins (ie not minimum or maximum but in between) that allow her to flex her head to the side but not the whole neck.

Then do the same thing for travers but as her head comes to the wall, start walking backwards still facing her bum and tap her lightly and rhythmically on the croup to get the outside hind to step in front of the inside. have a friend help you the first time or two.

make sure you do everything in two directions

dont get anxious - keep body language calm and fluid and vocal commands clear and easy sounding


rein positions for in hand work: your left hand at the bridle a few inches below the snaffle w the thumb pointing at the bit. right hand takes the outisde rein (HALFWAY UP NECK - IMPORTANT) and creates a bit of tension by holding the hand low with the whip in the same hand, pointing back towards the butt (thumb pointing towards the tip) so it can activate the back of the horse while still being a supporting outside rein if that makes sense - and your inside hand asks for the flexion. so its the same effect as being on top of the horse with a correct contact

again practice this w tulia just standing till you feel comfortable before asking her to perform an exercise

none of this requires her to be fit or sound and will keep her ticking over a bit till she comes sound enough to lunge

remember - always one third lunge, one third in hand, one third ridden

good luck

love r

~ Rupert

HB: horseboyworld.com/jomsocial/1430-rupert/profile.html
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