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Stations to allow for other learning opportunity following the child

1 year 3 months ago #568 by Brimbach
We usually allow families and kiddos to explore different options. There is always a arts and crafts station, the minis are usually ready to be painted, the goats are interacting in an area for kiddos who love them. 

There are always other options than being on the horses or around the horses. 

This often allows for a nice transition to and from the horse activities and can be connected- in a play setting- to what families are working on.

This week we are doing an engineering theme: 
Arts and crafts: Build a space rocket out of straws; build a boat out of a sponge
Games in the yard: Match games where they get riddles and have to create shapes with matches.
Build a marble track
Story: John Smith needs to build a shelter... (mini shelter for toys) design challenge

Horse activities will be all around obstacle courses 

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1 year 3 months ago #572 by rupert
those are some brilliant ideas. will you share some pictures of the rockets out of straws with us? 

~ Rupert

HB: horseboyworld.com/jomsocial/1430-rupert/profile.html
TWITTER: @horseboyworld

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1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #577 by Brimbach

More to come

Miniature Debris Shelter (If you have the chance and environment, build real shelters)
Create a story for the toy to teach survival skills and based on your standards. Talk to kids afterwards about real life situations where you might need the skill to build shelter.Look for survival stories supporting the idea how this skill can be useful.
Here is a scenario:
  Captain John Smith arrived from England, but his ship did not make it all the way to Virginia, it had to stay far ashore to not run a ground.   He had to take a small boat to shore and build a shelter until he could find a place for his folks to settle.   His natural resources were limited and his skills were never tested like this before. He needs help. With the resources available, can you build him a shelter that can help him survive a couple days and nights until he finds a safe place for his crew to come ashore?

Here is another scenario:
 Captain Underpants was saving planet _______when his spaceship crashed in ________Rescuers from __________ will not arrive until the next morning, and he will need to make a place to sleep. “Captain Underpants, this is mission control: We received your message that you crashed on the planet and your tent is destroyed. Is there anything you can find to make a place to sleep while you wait for the rescue ship?”

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