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3 years 7 months ago #303 by Rico and Beth
Confirm it was created by Rico and Beth
We just had a confirm it webinar and were talking about different ways to confirm someone has picked up and retained information-

For us the confirm it stage is a bit like detective work- we know what Fynn and Rowan have been learning and we look for ways they are demonstrating their knowledge-

One thing i forgot to mention, which is the easiest way of confirming knowledge with Fynn is to simply tell him something that's wrong, in a silly way of course- for example, while going over algebra in one of our silly math on the swing sessions, i'll say something like 12 times cheetah equals 120, cheetah is 6- then Fynn will laugh and correct me- "No papa, cheetah is 10" - Or, when he was learning about whales, "Hey Fynn, i heard that the deepest diving whale is the Narwhal" "nope papa, it's the sperm whale" - things like that,

An example of another way to "confirm it" - Rowan (age 3 1/2) has been learning about plants and how they grow this year, he's growing a giant pumpkin- the other day we were outside looking at his pumpkin and he said, "papa, i planted a pumpkin seed." Ok, thought, and asked him "and then what" " it grew a little sprout" he said- and then what "it grew bigger leaves" and then what "it grew a flower" (that's as far as the pumpkin had gotten to at this point) and then what-...a bee is gonna polinate the flower, and then what- a little green pumpkin will grow.... and he went on through all the steps his pumpkin will go through in the future including us harvesting it, cutting out the seeds and baking them and making a pie from the pumpkin itself and eating it with whipped cream and him digesting it and pooping it out- thus demonstrating he knew the life cycle of a fruiting plant

How else do we "confirm it?" Let's hear it folks

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3 years 6 months ago #306 by One Acre Farm
Replied by One Acre Farm on topic Confirm it
Rico, I love your pumpkin story. Rowan mentioned that a bee would pollinate the flower. Perhaps you can tell Fynn and Rowan that you know someone (me) that has bee hives. Show them where I live (near Houston, TX) and ask if they think one of my bees would go to your house and pollinate the flower. They would learn that bees stick pretty close to home, at least within a few miles, and also have a short life span. Thus, one of my bees wouldn't be visiting your garden. But, it would be fun to figure it out!

My daughters liked to play 'school' or 'teacher'. I would often utilize that interest by asking them to play with me as the student and to teach me the subject they had been learning. It was a great way to measure what they knew. It was also hilarious to see them role play. We'd usually all end up in loud laughter.

It was great speaking with you during the webinar. :) Catherine.

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3 years 6 months ago #310 by Rico and Beth
Replied by Rico and Beth on topic Confirm it
Well, fynn will want to know exactly where you live- he's a precise character, and loves maps, he'll look you up on google maps and find th' route a bee would take to get to our house, then put it in 3d mode and travel it, even if it takes days- that's what he does before and after every trip we take :) - but they already know that bees travel less than six miles usually- they don't slack in their research once they get going...

and we love th' kids teaching idea- we have dreamed of a place where th' kids get to be th' teachers and th' grown ups are th' students, which is how it usually goes at our house- that's great to know others are thinking along th' same lines...

next time we are out there maybe we can stop by for a visit, my family is all in Livingston now, so pretty close to Porter? (is that where you are?)

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3 years 6 months ago #311 by One Acre Farm
Replied by One Acre Farm on topic Confirm it
Yes, we're in Porter. We'd love to visit with y'all.

That's great that Fynn does so much research. It's a great skill and work ethic to have. He will always be able to learn anything he puts his mind to.

Another way to 'confirm it' can be through art. For example, after learning about the water cycle, my daughter drew a picture of rain falling to the ground and then seeping through the ground and traveling to the ocean and then evaporating, etc... The amount of details showed me that she definitely grasped the concept.

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