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"Horse Boy Spa" for Autism Moms

7 years 4 months ago #146 by Bewithhorses
"Horse Boy Spa" for Autism Moms was created by Bewithhorses
We are developing a Horse Boy Spa for autism moms - 3 hours of sensory work, yoga, reiki, and guided meditation, all with horses (oh yeah, and food!).

We plan to offer it to 4 moms for free to start out, and to get their feedback. Then find a way to fund it so we can continue to offer it,

Question: has anyone provided this or a similar service, and if so, do you have tips you'd like to share, for what works and what doesn't?

Su and Chris
Be With Horses

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6 years 5 months ago #183 by briakorvette
Replied by briakorvette on topic "Horse Boy Spa" for Autism Moms
Thank you for sharing Su and Chris! At our barn we have an archery group for the moms which the moms seem to love. And archery is stress relieving. We also offer some families to camp on the property they bring there own food. But are welcome to use the fire pit and the grill and fridge. We also have a program from families where we set up the tables (table clothes, games, etc..) for the kids and we keep them busy while the parents catch up with one another and they also bring there own food. Similar to a playdate with out the therapy. Maybe you could get someone who knows how to cut hair to come. We had someone give free hair cuts with a donation jar before. We have a program now where the individuals don't do any riding but do activities to connect with the horses and release anxiety. These are just some ideas. I am unsure how much we charged a lot of things we try and do for free from the support of the community and people that our staff members know. I would just recommend advertising and talking to the places that the service you want. Create a go fund me account on Facebook (this has worked for us in regards to large purchases such as horses).

Good luck :)

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6 years 5 months ago #196 by Bewithhorses
Replied by Bewithhorses on topic "Horse Boy Spa" for Autism Moms
Brianna, your "mom programs" and family services sound wonderful --
love the haircut idea!

I think there is the need to make programs free to families. One mom explained she never would have come to ours if
she had to pay because she doesn't spend money on herself. Thanks for the gofundme Facebook idea -- had used indiegogo in past, but have been looking for a simpler structure. Onward and upward! :cheer:

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