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6 years 7 months ago - 6 years 7 months ago #176 by Rico and Beth
Empathy was created by Rico and Beth
Recently a friend and mother of a child on the autism spectrum sent us a link to this article suggesting that rather than lacking empathy, asd kids actually feel too much empathy...She told us "My son is very empathetic. His ability to feel what others are feeling is one of the reasons I doubted he had autism. He has soo much feeling that he assigns feeling to random pieces of trash. He is always collecting lint balls and small pieces of paper. We have a tin heart we started putting them in. He would be a nervous wreck if he lost his "lovey pieces" in the past."
We've long felt this way too, because our son always got really upset when someone else gets hurt, or sad, or angry....even a minor injury involves us convincing him that it's not forever and it's going to be ok- he's always thinking of how other people feel, though he doesn't always show it.... also, fynn deals with his over-empathy by making his snakes (or what ever he's into at the time) get hurt, sad, mad, happy, etc., he goes through all his emotions with them... and i think that's a pretty healthy way for him to process things....

Anyone else have any opinions on this?

here is the link to the original article...

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