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Vitamin C - Diet and Nutrition

5 years 2 months ago #309 by Rico and Beth
Replied by Rico and Beth on topic Vitamin C - Diet and Nutrition
Well, Fynn has still had strong vitamin C cravings- he drinks th' juice of one or two lemons in water per day- which goes back to my original research showing that people under lots of stress need more vitamin C than others- He's been very anxious lately, and we think it's due to his inability to know when he needs to go to the bathroom- he's old enough now that it really bothers him, every time he has an accident he gets really upset and cries and usually has a huge meltdown- he asks what if he never learns how- those meltdowns are really taxing on his system, they wear him out- We are not really sure how to help him in this- other than to just remind him that it's not his fault, and we will figure it out somehow- Me and Beth both think that a lot of his outbursts are based on this, and when he overcomes it he'll feel much better, both physically and emotionally

thanks for asking, and if anyone else has gone through a similar situation please fill us in on what helped...

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