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the last chapter

4 years 1 month ago - 4 years 1 month ago #206 by Rico and Beth
the last chapter was created by Rico and Beth
just finished the long ride home for the second time- and this time the part that resonated the most with us was the last chapter- especially where you talked about people having less tolerance the better the child is doing- we are seeing this so much lately- the more fynn tries it seems the less patience people have for him, but when he's acting completely "autistic", people seem to excuse him easier--- His goal these days is to make people laugh, so he'll go up to strangers and do something or say something he thinks is silly- sadly too many people get upset or just look at him like he's crazy-- how did you guys deal with this with rowan? we try to tell him some people just don't understand what he's doing so they don't know he's being silly, but he's getting old enough now that he's starting to be like, oh, why don't they think that's silly, and sometimes it makes him sad...

it breaks our hearts because they have no idea how hard he is trying to be "good", and yet he still get's criticized by people for acting weird... anyway, it is comforting reading the book after having met rowan and seeing how wonderful he is... keep up the good work everyone

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4 years 3 weeks ago #212 by jenny
Replied by jenny on topic the last chapter
It breaks my heart too when I see people not being tolerant with Rowan or any other kid for that matter. Recently we were flying back from Yellowstone with Rowan and he was waiting to play his usual crazy games in the airport and it was starting to attract attention. Rupert took his aside and whispered to him 'Hey Scub, I have a secret to tell you. I am a small child on the inside. But I don't want to let any of these other people know because they might not understand. So whilst we are here in this airport I am going to pretend I am being very sensible even though I am really a small child on the inside. And to make it easier will you help me by whispering silly things to me so that other people can't hear. We can be small children on the inside together but not let anyone else know.' It worked so much better than trying to tell him not to be himself because it avoided any feelings of shame.

~ Jenny

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