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ABA vendors treat autism kids as cash cows!

4 years 2 days ago #229 by barb
hi there, found this on CCN ireports and would love to hear your thoughts:

Sad and scary the article....

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4 years 21 hours ago #231 by jenny
Hi Barb,
Yes I had read this too. Very scary and sadly what many parents experience. You get some really great ABA therapists out there who will tailor their approach to the individual child and approach their therapy in a sensitive, flexible and caring way. But unfortunately you also get a lot of people who are just in it for the money and I think that is particularly true of some of the big providers. In my view the best thing that parents can do is get as much training as possible so that they can work with their child themselves. This will free them up from relying on expensive therapists so they can pick and choose who works with their child based on their relationship and level of caring. We actually train parents (online and live) to set up an environment for their child that promotes learning and teach them through their passions and motivations. The training is cheap and the idea is that by the end of it the parents (who after all are the experts on their child) are no longer reliant on expensive, unsympathetic therapists.

~ Jenny


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