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Treasure hunts and silliness! Practice with silly voices, and let the child use silly voices as well.


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Follow their interest! Mostly when they are interested they will do a better than when its about something boring. Make sure they have time to move before they read, read outside, make it fun.


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"Think on your feet" is an option to start involving him in group conversations.
Stand in a circle; post agree/disagree questions and simply have people who agree step into the circle and who disagree stay on the outside of the circle. This is the first step to being involved in a group discussion in a non-threatening environment.


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Mad-lib like we used to do with Rowan help too.
You fill in the blanks - have one version that requires crazy silly and wrong answers and one correct version.

Also modules about the mistakes that famous scientists made and how they got then to right answers after making the mistakes.

And how they'd never have gotten to the right answers if they hadn't made those mistakes first.

And then other lessons where he sees other people make mistakes and then use those mistakes to figure the right way out.

We do have a lesson plan module in the testing section about mad-lib here:


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Make a whole set of lesson about the necessity of mistakes.

Where you get it wrong if you don't get it wrong first before you get it right. Then to be correct you must first be incorrect and then correct.

And that way the brain really takes in which is the right answer


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Yes hes been around for a long time and takes thr work away from any narcissistic edge towards more effective compassion
Defo check his stuff out
Also mark Leary the curse of the self
And brene brown esp her work on shame and how to overcome it
All great resources for overwhelmed autism parents


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hey all have you checked out scubba getting back into horse training - helping majana get her sexy back?

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Really hard physical exercise can help a lot with a major sense of achievement and team work
Tough mudder type stuff
And wilderness time
Is this where the right kind of forest school crossove could work?
Team exercises like lifting of heavy logs all together to build something
Having to move the horses on foot to different pastures. Swappibg every horse between your one pasture and the other so cumulativekybuta several miles
Tag games w a lot of hard running and sprinting
We've also found that having kids teach horses and other animals tricks work well


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Have a look at this success story at a school in Colorado. Thank you for sharing Bianca!…

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