Check out this endorsement one of our teachers just got from her Vice Principle. 5th grade - mainstream school:... Show more

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Hi Sonia, share some of what is going on in Italy with us!

sonisofi This is the reaction of a 9 years old girl I worked with in the UK when I went visit her just after her birthday party.
It was a surprise.
3 days ago
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Stay tuned for updates from Queens College NY. The first Horse Boy Club in a university in the US.

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All our children have their favorite furry friend. Which one is your child's favorite one?

iliane She loves BoBo! 2 weeks ago
rupert Rowan always loved most animals but his birds were for the longest time on the top of the list. and goats, and dear 2 weeks ago

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many thanks to arabella carter johnson of iris grace fame for taking this amazing pic of the zagster -

so we just trained some new horse boy and movement method trainers: judith from germany, deb from greeley colorado, nina from denver co (by way of... Show more

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This is judith from germany doing horse boy 2 at new trails today
One of our first evet working students from six years ago now going further...
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we have the whole in hand system laid out in our stress free dressage free e book - if you go to and click on the free e book you can print it out or read online
wed love your feedback as to how easy the exercises are to follow


hey saffron many thanks for the kind words

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