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Movement Method Mountain Training coming up January 9 and 10, 2019 at Monarch Mountain Colorado for Ski and Snowboard Instructors.
We are very...
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Brimbach We will be there for sure! 2 weeks ago
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NTLS Team created a new topic ' Grumpy about mistakes others make' in the forum. 11/25/2018

During a Movement Method workshop at Curaçao, one of the students posted this question: 
How do help a person on the spectrum not to become grumpy when some one else makes a mistake.?

My client becomes very grumpy when another person does or says something wrong.
What approach can I use to help him develop in this area?

We look forward to the input from our community.


NTLS Team created a new topic ' Table Manners' in the forum. 11/25/2018

We just had a question from one of our practitioners about anything fun to do about and around table manners?

The question you have to ask yourself is always - is this the battle I want to pick right now?
What this means in more practical terms is - is the child cognitively ready to understand the value of this concept at this time, you have a choice here: You can try to force through fear of punishment (and remember the withdrawal of love and approval is a punishment) an accelerated compliance to a social norm, but if you do this it comes at a pretty high cost. 

So even though it’s tempting to try to enforce social norms early, unfortunately if you take that approach, the child never fully buys in.

There is a more effective way:
By allowing the child to move freely and not sit at a table initially, you are more than meeting them halfway and this of course is one of the principles of diplomacy. Basically, you make the other person feel safe.Then little by little you begin to introduce a new norm.
For the full behavior module and detailed step by step ideas visit


Horse Boy 2 Training at United States Air Force Equestrian Center February 3 and 4th, 2019 only 4 spots left- if interested, contact... Show more

rupert Brilliant, Bianca! Guys, if you have taken HBM1 online or live, go join Bianca and Clue for this training at the Air force Academy! 3 weeks ago

Broken Telephone: 

Riders are spread out around the arena (maybe at the letters) a runner starts in the middle with a message, runs to the first rider, tells him the message and takes his place. The rider cannot ask for clarification, but has to repeat what he/she heard f to the next rider, until the last rider calls it out loud (you can also meet in a circle at the end to share the end message, that way you do not have to shout across the arena).

This can be as challenging or as simple as you want it to be. If you have good riders, they could for example switch horses; do it in a walk, trot, or canter. Someone could time and see which message makes it the fastest etc.


We created this topic to share ideas and inspire each other. We invite you to share your favorite Rule Based Games


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Joell is one of our top presenter and trainer for a reason...

Hier ist unser Interview mit der Direktorin der Mammutschule in Ahlen, Deutschland.

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