• Our trip to the Horse Boy Camps in the UK

    In the summer of 2017 my son, Max and I (a single, self employed mom) received a grant from the Horse Boy Foundation to go on a trip to the UK and visit two centres for a Horse Boy camp: New Leaf Triangle and Equine Learning CIC. A truly great opportunity for Max as well as for me as a Horse Boy Method and Movement Method trainee trainer and an autism parent.

  • Ru's weekly Autism Tip: Remember what Autism actually means

    Many of us use the word every day but what does the word 'autism' mean?

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Your friend Purkinje - the brain cell with the funny name

    Those of you who read last week's entry on Oxytocin might be interested to know that this ending of the Cell Danger Response and the opening of the door to the intellect, all done through rocking and balancing movements of the pelvis, is just the beginning when it comes to unlocking the autistic (or indeed any other) brain.

  • The “Journalist” Mind

    Recently, Rowan has started to become a journalist and has become very active in his own learning, interviewing the people around him in order to explore deeply some topics of the national curriculum related to history, spanish, math...Leading the interview and writing down the answers himself; it’s extraordinary how far he has come.