• Graduation Day for Ellen Schuringa July 2019

    We are very happy to announce that Ellen Schuringa from Lommel in Belgium succesfully completed her certification for 2 star Horse Boy Method Practitioner.

  • Looking for life - Or the importance of free exploration in nature

    Austin was a little autistic boy, he was very clever.

    Each time he came to the center, he would devote his entire time to looking for insects under every log he could lift with his little arms.
  • Our first ever workshop in magical Norway

    Our first ever Horse Boy Method workshop in Norway took place on 1 and 2 September 2018 in Fåvang. The workshop was hosted by our Horse Boy practitioner Emma Helleman at her magical care farm Mattisborgen IPT Gård. She did an amazing job at preparing her farm and horses, Alex and Tindra, for the 6 participants in the workshop.

  • Presentation of new study in Horse Boy Method

    Today is a very exciting day for us. Rupert Isaascon and PhD candidate Marloes Ernst will present the new study into the effects of one of our techniques: Long Lining.2016 01 31 NewTrails Mahanja in LL

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Create an Environment Within an Environment

    So we know that nature and freedom of movement are key when working with neurological difference as most of these excellent people can be shut down by man made industrial sensory triggers and are kinetic learners.We also need a 'yes' environment to encourage communication.

  • Ru's weekly Autism Tip: Remember what Autism actually means

    Many of us use the word every day but what does the word 'autism' mean?

  • The magic of the trampoline

    Gui was a 8 years old boy.

    This day, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and screaming; he was trying very hard to calm himself down but nothing would work. He would say “I just don’t know how”, he was looking for something that would make him happy again but he couldn’t find his way out of it, he would say “I’m crying like a baby and I don’t like it”. 

  • The power of humor

    We have a rule here at Horse Boy. If the child you are working with has not laughed in the last five minutes it's time to do a silly dance, fart or make up a ridiculous song. Why? Because laughter promotes communication, trust, attention and above all oxytocin.

  • Woody hanging out

    Where is Woody?

    Johnathan was a five year old boy.

    He loved “Woody”, the character from the famous kids’ movie “Toy Story”. He was always wearing the same boots as Woody, and would imitate Woody’s poses.

    While riding on the horse he would pretend to be Woody riding his horse “Bullseye”.