• Graduation Day for Ellen Schuringa July 2019

    We are very happy to announce that Ellen Schuringa from Lommel in Belgium succesfully completed her certification for 2 star Horse Boy Method Practitioner.

  • Presentation of new study in Horse Boy Method

    Today is a very exciting day for us. Rupert Isaascon and PhD candidate Marloes Ernst will present the new study into the effects of one of our techniques: Long Lining.2016 01 31 NewTrails Mahanja in LL

  • The “Journalist” Mind

    Recently, Rowan has started to become a journalist and has become very active in his own learning, interviewing the people around him in order to explore deeply some topics of the national curriculum related to history, spanish, math...Leading the interview and writing down the answers himself; it’s extraordinary how far he has come.

  • The magic of the trampoline

    Gui was a 8 years old boy.

    This day, he was having a meltdown, he was crying and screaming; he was trying very hard to calm himself down but nothing would work. He would say “I just don’t know how”, he was looking for something that would make him happy again but he couldn’t find his way out of it, he would say “I’m crying like a baby and I don’t like it”.