• Looking for life - Or the importance of free exploration in nature

    Austin was a little autistic boy, he was very clever.

    Each time he came to the center, he would devote his entire time to looking for insects under every log he could lift with his little arms.
  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Your friend Purkinje - the brain cell with the funny name

    Those of you who read last week's entry on Oxytocin might be interested to know that this ending of the Cell Danger Response and the opening of the door to the intellect, all done through rocking and balancing movements of the pelvis, is just the beginning when it comes to unlocking the autistic (or indeed any other) brain.

  • The “Journalist” Mind

    Recently, Rowan has started to become a journalist and has become very active in his own learning, interviewing the people around him in order to explore deeply some topics of the national curriculum related to history, spanish, math...Leading the interview and writing down the answers himself; it’s extraordinary how far he has come.

  • The power of humor

    We have a rule here at Horse Boy. If the child you are working with has not laughed in the last five minutes it's time to do a silly dance, fart or make up a ridiculous song. Why? Because laughter promotes communication, trust, attention and above all oxytocin.