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  • Ru's weekly autism tip The Gifts of Autism

    When I first got the diagnosis for my son, one of the things that I noticed immediately was the negative language around autism that the professionals used when talking to me about it. "Deficit, Dysfunction, Disorder, even Disease.." the 'd' words that I came to know all too well in those first weeks and months.

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Create an Environment Within an Environment

    So we know that nature and freedom of movement are key when working with neurological difference as most of these excellent people can be shut down by man made industrial sensory triggers and are kinetic learners.We also need a 'yes' environment to encourage communication.


     It doesn't matter whether you use horses. It doesn't matter whether you use ABA, Horse Boy Methods, PECS, Sunrise, Play Therapy, Floortime, or a cocktail of all of them if you don't get the environment right - forget it.