• Following my child through a fairy door to a wholehearted life

    It's Saturday today, a big day.  We are driving to a high school for equine studies, it is their open day today. My daughter asked me: "Is it normal that I have a knot in my tummy?" I say: "Yes, that is perfectly normal. We are going to see a school we are you have never been before and where you would like to study for four years, this is big. So it is perfectly normal to feel a bit nervous."
  • Movement Method and Horse Boy Method: my journey

    For about a year I’ve been looking forward to this week. So happy I could step on the aircraft that took me in about 20 minutes to my destination; Curacao here I come! I even became a co-pilot in these 20 minutes, how cool is that!

  • No Pressure Learning: How to Test a Child without triggering fight, flight or freeze response

    Research shows that if a person feels under too much pressure this can cause stress and the production of the hormone cortisol.

  • Our trip to the Horse Boy Camps in the UK

    In the summer of 2017 my son, Max and I (a single, self employed mom) received a grant from the Horse Boy Foundation to go on a trip to the UK and visit two centres for a Horse Boy camp: New Leaf Triangle and Equine Learning CIC. A truly great opportunity for Max as well as for me as a Horse Boy Method and Movement Method trainee trainer and an autism parent.