• Gotta Catch’em All, Trey!

    Pokemon Go is a new app that has created lots of interest from young people to old all around the world! It has also captured the attention of one of the kids that attends playdates at Horse Boy Headquarters in Elgin, Texas which provided us with the perfect opportunity to work with him on social skills and academics in a way that would be intrinsically motivating.

  • Ru's Weekly Autism Tip: Stimming is Good

    At the very start of my autism adventure I noticed that the therapists working with Scub put a lot of pressure on him to not stim and to emulate 'socially appropriate' words and gestures. It didn't work and caused Scub no end of distress and suffering.

  • Scub: Help Ma bring her sexy back ! Week 1

    Here is an example of a Horse Boy Method activity prepared for Scub.

    Scub beloved Horse Betsy passed away two years ago. Since then he hasn’t really ridden other horses and we wanted to plan a fun way to reintroduce new horses to Scub.