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The Science of Learning

In this class you will learn what we have learned in almost two decades why the scientist believe what we do works. No matter who you are or what brought you to this page. If you do not do anything else on here, please check at least this free course out. It will help you …

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E-Book: Introduction to Movement Method

To learn the stages and eight guidelines of Movement Method, download our free E-Book. This is the perfect Free introduction to the Method.  You need to be a registered member to download our Movement Method book.  Don’t worry. It’s FREE!

E-Book: Introduction to Horse Boy Method

To learn the six stages and eight guidelines of Horse Boy Method, download our free E-Book. This is the perfect Free introduction to the Method.  You need to be a registered member to download our Horse Boy Method or Movement Method e-book.  Don’t worry. It’s FREE!

Autism Tips

In this series Autism Dad and Author Rupert Isaacson takes you through some of the valuable lessons we have learned through our almost two decades of working with autistic children, adults and other people with neuro-psychiatric differences. The course is FREE and will give you short 2-10 minute tips that you can apply immediately.

Addressing Behaviors

Autism is not a problem to be fixed. Autism is a series of gifts to be celebrated. However no matter who you are if you have sensory and neurological challenges that result in behaviors, that impair every day life, development and happiness then obviously these need to be ameliorated. Compassionate Behavioral Approach, unlike traditional ABA, …

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Stuck at Home

In this series we show you fun ways to make use of your stuck at home time with kids. Activities with a neuro-plasticity benefit (aka brain-building) that include BDNF (Brain derived neurotrophic factor which ups the IQ), academic benefits and subjects to teach and plain old fun.

Continuous Ed for Teachers 1: Science of Learning

This course is a 1 h long course going into detail in the Science of Learning, why it is so important to understand and how to apply it in your daily practice as teacher, therapist or parent of not only people with autism but any child or adult.

Continuous Ed for Teachers 2: Adapting the Environment

In this one hour long continuous education course Catherine Griffin and Bianca Rimbach talk in detail about how to adapt a teaching environment in a school, how to afford it, and case studies in which an adapted environment has made a significant difference to the students.

Evaluation: MM 1&2

In this course we will take you through the certification phase of Movement Method 1 & 2. Once you have completed this course and if you are a Gold Member on this website you can advertise that you are a Basic Movement Method Mentor. For more details refer to our Advertisement Guidelines.

Evaluation: HBM1

This course will take you through the evaluation phase of your Horse Boy Method Basic Practitioner Certification. You can take this course when you have completed HBM1 online or as live workshop. In this course we ask you to complete checklists of required materials, as well as case studies of your work with your service …

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Evaluation: MM3/HBM3

This course will take you through the evaluation phase for Movement Method 3 and Horse Boy Method 3. You will be a 1* Star MM Mentor or a 2** HBM Practitioner by completing this course. When you have completed the course you can download a certificate of completion for this course.

Evaluation HBM4

This course will guide you through the Evaluation Phase of HBM4. Once you have completed it and all your assignments have been approved, you will be a 3*** Star HBM Practitioner and will be able to download the completion certificate of this course. This course is asking you to do various advanced riding exercises. Please …

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