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This Pre TTT Evaluation course is part of Movement Method, Horse Boy Method and Serenos. For each of our methods it’s important to understand the foundation.

The foundation is the Science of Learning, the Learning Equation and our Movement Method Guidelines. So that you don’t have to submit the information twice if you are going for more than one Trainer Path (Horse Boy Method, Movemement Method and/or Serenos Equine Integrations) we have decided to pull the parts that are in each Method into this PRE TTT evaluation course.

No matter which Method you are going for this Pre TTT course is your first step and is included in all Trainer courses.

For each section there will be a zoom session to discuss questions, common objections and what needs to be conveyed as part of the course. After the Zoom you will abbreviated record your version of the section and submit it on the course page. Each video should not be longer than 2:30min unless otherwise specified. We are not looking for the detailed explanation you will be taking your students through but a bullet point version of it.