Has your equine therapy or equine assisted learning practice become more and more overwhelmed by clients with autism, PTSD, anxciety, ADD, ADHD, depression, eating disorders, ODD, and other neuro-psychiatric conditions?

Have your volunteers and staff been battling to really reach these populations?

Has your training thus far only really prepared you for dealing with physical rather than brain/nervous-system conditions?

ATHENA℠: Horse Boy℠ Method has been specifically created for autism and adapted to any other neuro-psychiatric condition. For many equine therapists and equine learning facilitators ATHENA: Horse Boy Method has been the missing link.

What makes it work is not just the neuro science, but the fact that ATHENA: Horse Boy Method is a framework that can complement any existing equine therapy/equine facilitated learning modality without having to replace or be in competition with them.

Horse Boy Method is a simple six stage process that helps equine professionals to reach lasting changes in the brain through knowing which rhythms on the horse create neuro-plasticity and which create harmful effects so that you can adapt your practice in an optimal way. 

To get a preview of how the science works check out the Science of Learning section.

We do offer a certification process to become a Independent Certified Horse Boy Method Practitioner you will start with taking our Horse Boy Method course online or as live workshop. You can find trainers here. And to read all the details on how to become a Practitioner check out this page.