Are you struggling with some clients with how to effect real change in behaviors and to achieve live skills or academic goals?

Do you wish you could help to really alleviate the root cause of your clients distress?

Do you yourself suffer stress when in these situations?

Once you have completed ATHENA/Horse Boy Method and Movement Method, how do you actually work in these moment to moment situation.

Our Mini Course: Addressing Behaviors helps you address common dysfunctions and help turn them into life skills in easy, logical, efficient ways. These Modules will help make your sessions more successful and create lasting change in your clients. More than that, you will have fun in a way that you couldn't imagine and your horses and volunteers will love it. To see a sample Module, check out this page for Potty Training and this for dealing with Meltdowns.

We are also rolling out modules that deal specifically with Stress and Coping in March 2019. These Modules help you with avoiding burn out, dealing with difficult and demanding clients/parents, turning stress moments into opportunities, and teaching your client how to understand and manage their own brain so that they work with you in a relationship that starts to feel really creative and energizing.

For clients that are struggling with academic goals, our Lesson Plans are easily adapted to equine sessions. They are fun, easy to follow and you'll surprise yourself by how much you yourself learn in the process. It makes your practice stand out massively from the crowd. Word quickly gets around of how remarkable the academic gains are when you begin applying them. To find sample Lesson Plans check out this lesson on Shapes, “Picnic Shapes”, 1st grade Math, CCSS: 1.G.2 and 1.G.3 and this lesson on "Median, Mean and Mode - An introduction to statistics. Part 1 and Part 2.

In our support forum you can find help for all aspects of your practice including horse training, staff and volunteer training, application of the Methods and help with specific challenges you might be facing with clients.

Join the fast growing numbers of equine practitioners enjoying this kind of success.