Most therapeutic riding modalities were developed after World War 2 to address physical disabilities.

The brain and the nervous system were never identified as specific objectives. So while regular therapeutic riding is very effective for physical disability, it requires a neuro-typical brain in the client that can follow top down instruction and who is motivated to get on the horse in the first place.

This just doesn't work in most cases with autism and is of very limited effectiveness with other neuro-psychiatric conditions.

Horse Boy Method is actual neuro-science on horseback, specifically targeting the brain and nervous system and getting around the problems presented by needing to move away from top down instructions and the need to adapt sessions around the motivation - or lack there of - to interact with the horse.

Horse Boy will give you a whole set of new tools to add to your existing equine therapy or EAL practice in a way that will massively expand your effectiveness and relieve yours and the clients frustrations at the limitations of approaches that are not designed for the brain.

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