Our working student program at our headquarters in Elgin, TX is a 6-8 week placement. In your time here you will be participating in regular ranch related work as well as playdates with the kids, work with the horses (if you are 'horsey') and potentially work with Rowan.

We can possibly customize the working student program to your needs and accommodate longer programs at various Horse Boy and Movement Method locations around the world. Costs will vary!

Cost: $1300 for 6-8 weeks and for an additional $100 per week you can have basic accommodations on property. You will be staying in a barn apartment with shared room with basic kitchen and bathroom.

Dates: upon request (due to extreme heat in Texas we do shut the New Trails Center in July and August. If you would like to come in that time frame please fill out the attached application but choose other locations for your working student placement)

Courses included: HBM1 & MM1 & 2

Including: 1 riding lesson per week included level depending on riders skills and assessed by HB staff, pick-up and drop off from Austin Airport between 9AM and 8PM, shuttle trips to supermarket in Elgin (if you are staying with us).

Not included: food or access to car for trips. We suggest that if you plan on taking a few days in Austin or to travel Texas that you do so at the beginning or end of your time here. You will have to organize your own rental car for these trips.

Additional courses: can be added at 30% discount of regular price

Additional riding lessons: Working students can purchase additional riding lessons at a discounted price of $25 30 minute lunge lesson; $35 trail ride; $50 45 minute lesson on school master (in hand, and or ridden)

IMPORTANT (required):

  • Please download, complete and send via email our working student application
  • Please email a short video of you riding to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
  • Please include a copy of your current medical insurance card and ID to your application.
  • A driver license is required. Please include a copy.
  • Please also attach two or more written references with contact information from previous employments and volunteer opportunities with children or horses or other work/school related references.
  • The final step of the application will be a phone interview.
  • Recommended age limit: 18-28 years
  • Physically fit: our lifestyle is extremely physical. Applicants must be able to unload 50lbs feed sacks (usually about 40 bags of feed = 2000lbs) in often 90-100F. Obviously you don't need to unload 40 sacks of feed each day but it gives you an idea of how physical the work is. Work day is usually sunrise to sunset. (If you think this is too physical for you, please contact us and we work out what combination of workshops might be best for you).

Hours of operation

For working students this is a vacation. However our staff lives here and works hard. We therefore ask you to not sit up past sunset or 9pm in the winter. If you would like to sit up and chat with other participants, please respect the privacy of our staff and go to Austin to a fun bar or one of our local places in Elgin.


If you choose to stay at New Trails, accommodations are basic, you will be sharing a bedroom.

These living conditions are simple but fun and ensure you are included in the tribe and really experience tribal living. However they are not for everybody. There is NO privacy. You will be surrounded by people all the time. You will have to share bathroom and sleeping accommodations with up to 5 people. It can be stressful for people to have to live like this. It seems people that like our living arrangement the best are usually early to mid-20s girls that just finished university and have been living with lots of roommates or family their whole life.

It seems to be the toughest on people that have a little more established lifestyle, have lived alone, like to close the door behind them and sometimes shut people and the world out for a while.

If you think you might be challenged by sharing your life this closely with strangers for a while, please let us know. In that case it will be easiest for us to arrange some other way to be involved with Horse Boy maybe camps, maybe courses, maybe another location. You might also want to consider staying in our BnB on property. Rooms start at $55 per night. 


Our Horse Boy properties are nonsmoking environments.

Children and Pets

Unfortunately we are not able to accommodate you as a working student if you need to bring your child(ren) or pets.

Internship reports

Please let us know if you have to complete an internship report ahead of time and what you need for your report so we can make sure Horse Boy and the New Trails Center is the right match for you.

Other locations

To find Independent Practitioners and Tribes in your area that offering Horse Boy Method please click here

Please be aware that working student applications and placements always need to go through Horse Boy if you want your internship to count as a Horse Boy Internship/Working Student placement. If Texas is not the best location for you or you want to stay longer than our normal 6 weeks we can help create packages that will start with you coming to New Trails for initial training and you then moving on to other places that may fit your need better. Costs may vary depending on length of stay and location.