Evaluation of Teacher applying Movement Method by Vice Principal – Colorado

“…She has recently attended a training and become a certified trainer in “The Movement Method” and incorporates this into her lessons with her students. She adapts and creates new strategies for unique student needs and situations. Her new strategies with the Movement Method have proven beneficial….”
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Teacher consistently plans and delivers effective lessons for her 5th-grade students. Today she taught a science lesson on body systems. She had students hide different bones outside and then the class worked together to search and find all of the bones. Once each group located the different bones, they put the various pieces (clavicle, radius, pelvis, etc.) into a grid to make sure they found all the pieces. They sorted them and then worked to put them together. Teacher creates lessons that use physical movement to maintain student engagement. These activities require students to physically move and this increases energy and engagement. specifically with her special needs students in the classroom. Next Steps: After doing this lesson today, what would you change if you were to do it again? How can you envision using the Movement Method during your reading time? Have you been able to share some of these activities with your teammates? They are incredible!


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