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If you want to learn Movement Method and offer it to families or work with  your own child, you can choose to learn online or in a live course. To find out more about our online course, read more below, or click here to get started with the course now. 

ADD/ADHD, Autism, Sensory-Processing-Disorder, Learning Difficulties - Parents and teachers have never faced such numbers of kids with these diagnoses as we find today. Drugs won't fix it. Traditional education can't handle it. The key is movement and the brain - an understanding how the two are linked. There is no longer any dispute among neuro-scientists and educational psychologists that movement is what stimulates the child's brain.

The key is to understand WHY and HOW!

This is what Movement Method will teach you, whether you want to apply it a regular classroom context (yes we do have strategies for movement in the traditional classroom) or homeschooling or outdoor education.

Are you a parent at your wit's end that just needs to find a way to get your kid learning happily? Are you a teacher who has run through the ganut of traditional methods and still find that there is a population of kids that you just can't reach? Are you a regular parent or teacher and just want to be the most effective you can be?

If so Movement Method, developed in conjunction with several universities world wide is for you.

All Movement Method courses are presented by Jenny Hewitt (MEd). Jenny is the driving force behind Movement Method. With a first in Psychology from The University of Edinburgh and a Masters in Educational Psychology from The University of Texas at Austin, she has been Horse Boy's main researcher for nearly a decade, has conducted the first study into the child and family outcomes of Horse Boy Camps and has been instrumental in Rowan's education. 

You need answers now! The online course allows you to get going right away, understanding what to do, how to do it, where to begin and even how to start a adapting the regular K-12 curriculum. It's all here. The search if over!

A message from Rupert:

tn 650 1910 years ago I realized that my local school's special ed program was nothing more than a windowless box - a  holding pen - where the kids learned nothing and in fact regressed. The teachers were overwhelmed, had no real training in neuro-psychiatric difference and so the only thing I could do was take my son out!

Gradually I learned how to homeschool him by following his interests outside in movement and then even how to adapt my inside environment so that we could be always moving. After a few years my methods drew the attention of several universities and we began to adapt the K-12 curriculum and create what we now call Movement Method.

Now my autistic son is two grades ahead but perhaps unsurprisingly we have found that Movement Method works just as effectively for general ed as for special ed - after all what child does not want to learn this way.

I wish this had been there when I first began my search 10 years ago! It's all here, the brain science, the techniques and best of all it's easy. Not to mention fun! You can break free of dependence on mega expensive therapies that may or may not work. You can become your child's best teacher and if you are already a teacher you no longer be fighting with learning differences, hyperactivity etc. - instead you will be harnessing them to access the child's genius.

Come with us on this journey.


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Cost: $150

What will be covered?


The course is structured very similarly to our Movement Method 1 & 2 Live Workshops, but goes into more detail for many of the sections. The course has 14 sections each followed by an easy quiz. The section cover:

  1. Introduction
  2. Physical Environment
  3. Movement
  4. Human Environment
  5. Self-Compassion
  6. Picking Your Battles
  7. Trust the Experts
  8. Follow the Child
  9. Eye Contact and Attention
  10. Humor
  11. Time for Innovation
  12. The Right Pressure
  13. Creating Goals and "Drop It, Do It, Confirm It"
  14. Conclusion

The course is approximately 70 videos of about 10-15 minutes each. For each video we list the 10 most important points to remember as well as suggest a few exercises for you to complete to get a better understanding of the subject and to start thinking about how this information is relevant to you and your location/business.


IMPORTANT: To complete all requirements for becoming an Independent Basic Movement Method Mentor online participants will also have to register for our Practitioner Evaluation (cost: $225). You can decide after you have finished the course if you want to become an Independent Mentor and then register for evaluation.
Online Membership to our website is not included in this course. If you want to become a Mentor you will have to become a Gold Member.

The purchase of the course gives you 365 days of access to complete the course. If you do not complete the course in that time you will have to repurchase and restart the course and its quizzes.


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