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To find available Live Workshops in Horse Boy Method or to contact a Horse Boy Method Trainer to set up a workshop at your stable read below. 

Live Workshops

Movement Method Workshops are divided into 3 levels of training. The first level - Movement Method 1 is the basic introduction to kinetic learning, the brain science of what we do and how to deliver kinetic Lesson Plans. Level 2 shows you how to train your own teaching style so as to optimize empathetic yet effective teaching that follows the child's intrinsic interests so that even subjects that are challenging for the child (or for you!) become easy to teach. Level 3 equips you to work with multiple families and to design specific brain development games and deliver more complex academics during sessions.

Find more information on each level of workshop click here.

Become a Certified Movement Method Mentor

Once you have taken at least Method Method 1&2 (online or live) you will go through an evaluation process of becoming a Mentor if you choose to offer Movement Method Services. 

Becoming a Movement Method Mentor is easy!

You can read more about the requirements by clicking here

Find a Trainer near you:

To find already scheduled life workshops check out our calendar, or to find a Movement Method Trainer close to you, check out our directory.