If you are new here, this section will guide you through how to become a Certified Movement Method Mentor, as well as through our Code of Conduct, Advertising Guidelines and more.

If you have been a Mentor for a while and are interested in becoming a Trainer (i.e. being able to host Certification Workshops), scroll to the bottom of the page and check out our requirements for becoming a Trainer.

The following pages will explain to you in great detail what you will need to do to get certified as Movement Method Mentor. Please remember we are asking for all those things because we need to know about the work you do with children before we can put our stamp of approval on your program and let you use the New Trails Learning Systems Brand.

These requirements are in place to protect the families and ensure excellent service.

But DON'T WORRY. It's all easy.

What we need you to do:

The basic steps are for all levels the same.

  1. You are 18 years or older
  2. Background check passed
  3. Be an active Gold Member on NTLS.co (unless you are part of a Tribe. If you are part of a Tribe the main Mentor will have to have Gold Membership, every other member of the Tribe Silver Membership)
  4. Fill out our online submission form -so we have all your information to be able to list you. If you are not sure about a field, just leave it empty.
  5. Start your evaluation phase - remember this is included if you paid full price for your life workshop but an additional fee is due if you took the online course or participated in a discounted life workshop
  6. Submit video files (details on the levels below) of you working with kids
  7. Submit a set of case studies
  8. Participate in at least 2 continuous education webinars or workshops per year
  9. Be in good standing with Horse Boy and adhere to Horse Boy's Code of Conduct.
  10. Keep us up to date by submitting annual year end reports (template will be provided in your http://my.ntls.co account.)
  11. Must follow Horse Boy Advertising Guidelines

Read on to find out what case studies and videos are required for each level of Certification. 

Community Activities

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NL- Horse Boy Method 1 - Dutch

Trainers: Carola Beekman en Ellen Schuringa EN: This workshop is in Dutch. NL: Deze workshop is in het Nederlands. Informatie over de inhoud van de...

  • Wednesday, 02 December 2020 07:30 PM
  • Nederland

Where does one even start to describe the wonderful work Jocelyn does? It cannot be a simple listing of all the volunteer and whole hearted... Show more

Where does one even start to describe the wonderful work Jocelyn does? It cannot be a simple listing of all the volunteer and whole hearted investment she put, but it needs to reflect the unique loving amazing character she portraits, a non- judgmental personality that makes everybody welcome and feel appreciated and loved. When she was first introduced to the Horse Boy and Movement Method, she embraced it wholeheartedly and invested hours of time to learn everything about it. She then went on to wanting to become a practitioner and went through the rigorous process of evaluation and learning, to finally become a basic Horse Boy practitioner. But that is just the description of her official way.She worked at almost every multiple playdate, worked intensely with individual military personal, implemented some of the Movement Method ideas into her early childhood education classroom, and she was a supportive friend and advocate while many of us presented and introduced the new ideas and method to the Airforce Academy. One could write a book about the inspiration Jocelyn offers. Honored to be part of her journey and to call her friend! Well well done!
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HB 1 Certification Course

  • Sunday, 13 September 2020 09:00 AM
  • Wiesbaden- Naurod
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