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So many autism professionals out there apply what would otherwise be sound methodologies in a rigid and inflexible way resulting in heartbreak for parents as they grapple with whether or not they are doing the right thing by their child. This type of inflexible approach often elicits a fear of learning in the child or learning that does not generalize to other contexts. We created the Movement Method guidelines in direct response to this to ensure that anyone applying our methods, be they a parent, teacher or therapist/professional, will do so in a flexible, pressure free and child led way - thus optimizing their chance of success.

This two day intensive course will allow you to go more in-depth into the Movement Method guidelines in order to show you how to really set up not only the child but yourself for success. The cost of the course is $295 and the price includes a light lunch.

Participating in Movement Method 1 and Movement Method 2 qualifies you to apply to be evaluated to become an Independent Basic Movement Method Mentor.

Workshop Schedule

This workshop is a mixture of theory, interactive demos, case studies, individual and group exercises. It will start at 9am and end no later than 3pm with a break for lunch.

Day 1: Setting yourself up for success

  • Re-cap of Movement Method 1 and course overview
  • Guideline 1: Self-Compassion
  • Guideline 2: Picking your Battles
  • Guideline 3: Trust the primary care-giver
  • Guideline 4: Follow the Child

Day 2: Setting the child up for success

  • Observation of Movement Method Playdate or Session
  • Guideline 5: Attention & Eye Contact
  • Guideline 6: Humor
  • Guideline 7: Time for Innovation
  • Guideline 8: The Right Pressure
  • Conclusion & Questions

This workshop can be combined into a 1 day workshop if that is easier for you. For 1 day workshops the participation in a Movement Method session will not be included. 

Upcoming Movement Method workshops

To find a Trainer near you for this workshop check out our Trainer listings. To find already scheduled workshops around the world visit our calendar

Movement Method 2 is available as a combo course online with Movement Method 1 if you can't make it to a live workshop or just prefer an online course. Check out Movement Method 1 & 2 online here.

Community Activities

rupert shared a photo. 07/15/2019

its not always about horses at a horse boy playdate

its not always about horses at a horse boy playdate
rupert shared 2 photos in the clinton album 07/13/2019

pix for the liskennett rocking horse post below...

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rupert created a new topic ' When is Horse Boy not about horses?' in the forum. 07/13/2019

Sometimes a Horse Boy playdate isnt about riding a live horse...this boy at Liskennett in Ireland was too scared to see the horses, the the amazing Clinton gave him a ride on the rocking horse, which became meet the horses and get comfortable with them...


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nicolette.brata shared 2 photos in the Stream Photos album 07/11/2019

What a fantastic experience, learning with and from Carola #fulfillingdreams

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How about
- deep pressure elements for shoulders and laps (e.g. )
- a wheelbarrow 
- therapy (big bouncy) balls
- alternatives 
- a net swing or hammock 
- a (natural) sensory den/tree house
- fidget toys


Hi Im having difficulty paying via paypal the course i attended at liskennett 9+ 19 th july for the HB1?... cant seem to access the link if anyone... Show more

Bianca Rimbach likes a Guest's comment in MM and HB so desperately needed! 07/04/2019
Watch the video