Horse Boy Camp report, Cornwall, UK – Scott’s Story

Scott came to one of the Cornwall camps in May 2010.

Upon arrival at the camp it soon became apparent that he wasn’t really interested in the horses and instead was motivated by water. H

is parents were very keen to get him on a horse so we decided to simply use the horse as the means for him to get to where he really wanted to be…a nearby stream. Once at the stream scott got down from the horses and began to play very happily in the water. 

Scott repeatedly threw water in the air with his hands and every 4/5 throws would shout with happiness. 

A volunteer on the camp (who has asperger’s syndrome) watched him for a while and then requested that we leave him alone with him and a camera as he thought he knew what he was doing.

The volunteers pictures clearly showed that Scott was making art with the water and that he shouted with happiness everytime he got the desired effect.

For example one of the photos clearly shows that Scott has made the shape of a dolphin with the water.


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