Horse Boy Learning “Summer School” – Axel, CA

I wanted to tech out to talk with you about Ashley & I doing a 2.0 version of Horse Boy Summer school at Square Peg. I’m meeting with Ashleyon Sundayto discuss it.

Last year was a huge success for Axel and we’d like to dive deeper into the program and even expand it include a few more kids and possibly an additional teacher. Would you be interested in supporting/ advising us? Last year was a bit tough for me, I’m going through a divorce, so I couldn’t put all I wanted into it – but I’m hoping this year will be better! I’d love to come out to TX with Ashley and Axel and do another camp & get some training. Let me know your thoughts.   Also, I’m hoping Joell might do some workshops for parents. I know that personally I have a lot of PTS, as do my friends – I love the work you guys are doing to help the care takers. Just GOING to Square Peg every week has been a lifesaver for me – no joke, it’s my church. 🙂   Look forward to hearing from you. Let me know if we could book a trip this Spring, cheers, Anne   -Axel’s mom


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