Involve the parents/siblings

  • Interventions are needed that address not only the child but the family as a whole – Schuntermann, P. (2007).
  • Family stress can be an attributing factor for an unfavorable prognosis – Siefer et al, 2002).
  • Social support is a protective factor for the adaption of parents of children with autism -Lounds, J. (2004)
  • Eighty percent of siblings have little to no involvement in childhood activities – (Barak-Levey et al, 2010).
  • The sibling relationship is damaged when siblings of children with developmental delays experience anger and frustration due to lack of involvement in childhood activities – (Kaminskyet al, 2002).
  • Non-conflicting sibling relationship is a protective factor for later maladjustment in the siblings of children with developmental disabilities – Fisman et al, 1996).
  • Numerous benefits in child and parent outcomes have been associated with the degree of parental involvement in the treatment of the ASD (Burrell & Borrego, 2012).


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