Lisa – Australia

Just wanted to share that my companion riding with my 5 year old is totaly awesome :). He so much happier and chattier. He can’t ride every day as I have 3 young boys. The days we ride, there are less meltdowns and more contentment in himself. When we canter he laughs the whole way. He also totally loved watching me muster cattled the other day from the back of a truck. Horses are becoming life changing for my little PDD-NOS/ADHD boy. I so wish I could get my 7 year old who has Aspergers/Anxiety near a horse, but he won’t have a bar of them as they scare him. My 3 year old is showing lots of interest in the horses though, so 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

It was your book that inspired be to get back into my horses and involve my son. I have Aspergers myself and I have had a huge break from horse riding. I I was in a treal rut and It is really settling me back down as well . I went for a beautiful horse ride with a couple of other women this morning upto the top of a mountain and looked back across the coast from where we live in the hinterland. I was so content and happy afterwards “)


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