Little Explorers Activity Club – Physics Playdates – Market Harborough, UK

I just wanted to say thank you so much to Miriam and you guys for letting us take part in the play-date at the beginning of the week. Miriam was absolutely fantastic with Eddie and he had a wonderful time learning about concepts in physics without even realizing it – in fact whilst having a lot of fun!

I’ve not seen him so relaxed in a long while and considering he was exhausted as it was the end of a long school term then it could have quite easily been a very different story. he was thrilled to be the only child there (along with his sister) and he even asked if Miriam could come back and play at our house when he got in the car 🙂

The environment you’d created and the materials you’d made were really exciting and they captured his interest straight away.

Miriam was extremely kind, flexible and patient with him and he responded really well to everything she said and did. she was enthusiastic about everything that he came up with and i loved that she just went with the flow of what was happening instead of trying to control him – i think it was a far more effective way of teaching him. he felt safe and secure and that his ideas mattered.  i have since read more on the Movement Method and i would love to incorporate what i have learned so far into what i do when i start working at Eddies school again in September. 

I wish Miriam the very best in her studies and hope to see her again sometime in the future working with children she was fantastic

Marion xxx


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