Live Free Ride Free Podcast Ep 1 with Sir Tim Smit

Sir Tim Smit is a legend. Knighted for his ecological and economic contribution not just to Great Britain, but the international community at large. Sir Tim is famous for having founded Cornwall’s Lost Gardens of Heligan, and the Eden Project in which the public can visit working rain forests under glass domes and truly learn the importance of ecology and how it effects their daily lives, while at the same time being entertained and contributing to the economies of otherwise depressed areas.

What many people don’t know is that the Eden Projects are now going global with locations around the world and that Sir Tim is at the cutting edge of how governments and economies are finding real solutions for the changing climactic times in which we live.

What is also little known about Sir Tim is how he came from a strange mix of Dutch working class and British Bohemian gentry, navigated his way into the music industry, became successful as a producer and then gave it all up when he discovered a door in a wall that led to a forgotten magical kingdom in Cornwall, that no one had thought worth bothering with for century. It’s a story of faith, business savvy, common sense and vision that has lessons for us all as we navigate our own doorways into the hidden kingdoms of our lives.

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