Live Free Ride Free Podcast Ep 2 with Warwick Schiller

A legend and ueber-influencer in the horsemanship community, in the years since COVID Warwick Schiller has become much much more. In addition to creating one of the first and most successful online libraries of horse training videos, Warwick’s Journey On Podcast exceeded a million downloads quite a while ago and is on it’s way to stratospheric heights. 

In addition Warwick’s activities of late have expanded far beyond the horse world. His own personal pilgrimage to find his own inner emotional healing after years of shut down (his words) has lead him to explore the healing art in all their many forms. 

From bravely dreading the world of psychedelic hallucinogens under the guidance of professionals, he has also explored the synaptic confluences of neuro science and emotion. His explorations into the shamanic and inspirational spheres run parallel with all this, and he makes the whole thing accessible to the general public for free. 

Warwick still runs horse training clinics all over the world and his Journey On Summits – conferences that bring people from all these diverse worlds together – often sell out hours after tickets go online. 

How has Warwick done it?

To say that this is a self-actualized life is an understatement. Both in term of economic and personal fulfillment – not to mention public service. 

Join us as we pick Warwick’s brain, find out the journey he took to put all this together and what we can learn from him as he goes forward to the next level. 

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