Live Free Ride Free Podcast Ep 3 with Jane Pike

A must listen!

?️ ? If there is someone who typifies what it means to quite literally Live Free and Ride Free, it is online equestrian and nervous system celebrity ?? Jane Pike.

Born in Australia, and growing up first on woolly ponies in Tasmania, then on the Australian show pony circuit, Jane has taken a circuitous route through many branches of life, all of which culminated into her Confident Rider and Joy Ride Programs, which help uncounted numbers of people around the world to achieve functionality in their bodies and brains, whether in the saddle or in their daily lives.

Currently living on a beautiful part of the coast of New Zealand’s south island, Jane trains her horses, homeschools her boys and helps the world from her computer – achieving the self-actualization that many of us aspire to.

It wasn’t always like this however.

A decades long journey, through the athletic and therapeutic forms of Yoga – studying under and then teaching for some of the great masters in India; post-tsunami human rights work in Sri Lanka; some ‘lost years’ in which she had to rely on pure faith and finally a deep study of the autonomic nervous system and how it effects everything we do and much of what we think, have build up a store of wisdom we can all benefit from.

Parallel with all this Jane has continued to work as a horse professional and general seeker of the equine mysteries.

In this interview she leads us through her story of how she achieved her current independence and includes some really practical tips on how online businesses are build as well as sharing many of her insights both scientific and esoteric that have created the Confident Rider and Joy Ride online worlds.

Join us for a fascinating and liberating ride.

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