Our original Method is Horse Boy℠ Method which as you might know for reading and scrolling through this website includes quite a bit of back- or tandem-riding. We have realized over the years that for a variety of reasons some people are not particularly comfortable with it.

So to offer a set of effective courses for people that chose not to backride, we have created ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning. All workshops are based on the sturcture of our original Horse Boy Method courses, but all ridden work is being replaced with long-lining the child or adult on the horse.

Here you find more information about ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning.

We offer 3 levels of ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning trainings. 

  • ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning 1: introduces you to the six stages and eight guidelines of the Method and equips you to work with individual families.
  • ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning 2: teaches you how to prepare and maintain the ATHENA EAL horse: a horse that can create oxytocin through collected movement, both while in the long lines.
  • ATHENA℠: Equine Assisted Learning 3: equips you to work with multiple families and to design specific brain development games and deliver academics during sessions.

Completion of a course and it's evaluation phase certifies you as ATHENA: EAL Practitioner. Read more about becoming a Practitioner here

If you are a parent looking for services find a Practitioner here

Various organizations (including PATH INTL., Montessori, and others) accept ATHENA EAL, Horse Boy Method and Movement Method courses as continuous education credits.

Read on below to find out about each course in detail.