If you have participated in Horse Boy Method 1. Read below to find out what you need to do to become a BASIC HORSE BOY METHOD PRACTITIONER


  • When a Practitioner has completed all requirements for the Independent Basic Horse Boy Method Practitioner he/she can advertise that he/she is offering one-family Horse Boy Sessions. Please see our advertising guidelines for details. 
  • Horse Boy Method 1 completed as RIDER (Live or Online). Non-Riders DO NOT qualify to become Independent Practitioners
    • Since we are working with mostly hyperactive children fitness is important to keep the children out of danger. Therefore riders must be able to:
      • comfortably ride at walk and trot.
      • mount 15.2 hand horse on trail ride without mounting block.
      • mount 15.2 hand horse bareback by being boosted by other participant.
      • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 28 or lower. Calculate here: http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/obesity/BMI/bmicalc.htm
      • Exceptions: If you are an extremely experienced horseman/woman but are not able to perform a requirement listed above due to an injury or other condition contact us. If you can provide proof of your background with horses (e.g. evented at prelim in college or run a riding stable for 10+ years etc.) we might be able to approve you to be certified as Horse Handler. If approved you will receive a certificate as Horse Handler and can still offer Horse Boy Method to your clients.
  • Complete online form to get listed on our website.

IMPORTANT: To complete all requirements for becoming an Independent Basic Horse Boy Method Practitioners online participants will also have to register for our Practitioner Evaluation (cost: $225). You can decide after you have finished the course if you want to become an Independent Practitioner and register for evaluation.

Basic Horse Boy Method Practitioner Evaluation Phase

In order to complete your certification you need to go through an Evaluation Phase ($225 for online participants - included for live course participants). When you apply for the Evaluation Phase we will create a DropBox Folder for you. In this folder we will load two Excel sheets for you. One will guide you through the requirements below, the other one is a year end report that we request from each Practitioner. As you go through your Evaluation Phase you simply need to tick off the requirements you have submitted and fill out all checklists in the Excel sheet. Please also upload all videos into your DropBox folder. 

Here is an overview of what we will be requesting from you:

Videos to be submitted:

We will evaluate you on your environment and how you have implemented Horse Boy Method within your environment. Don't worry about if your horse is sparkly or a bit dusty. Happy pasture ponies are difficult to keep clean, it goes without saying of course that we won't be able to accept videos however of horses that are emaciated, starved or are lame. Of course there are days where our ponies are off. However we cannot accept videos of a horse that is clearly lame or in pain. Please check our code of conduct for horse care requirements. All videos will only be evaluated if they are within 10 seconds of the requested time and proper equipment and safety gear is used.

The minimum is what you have to supply to qualify to be listed on our website. If you submit all videos with "featured" requirements we will feature your listing through our website.

  • Environment:
    minimum - show you have a safe environment (30 sec)
    featured - show a transformed New Trails like environment with swings, bunnies, goats, climbing frame, goats and academical games (1:30min)
  • Sensory
    minimum - show 1 sensory horse with volunteer doing sensory work then (after HB clearance) submit 1 video with a child on that sensory horse (1:30min each)
    featured- 3 good sensory horses first with volunteer then after HB clearance 2 with children, 1 with parent (each video 1:30min)
  • Back-Riding 
    minimum - walk & trot ride in arena with Freddy and interaction with Freddy after HB clearance same with a child. Show you are using the required equipment i.e. western saddle, no English saddle, no bareback pad, no tree less, a regular bridle - no bidless, no halter etc. Proper shoes and helmets for all riders. (each video 30 sec)
    featured- terr a terre on trail with two horses with well pronounced top lines with Freddy the Teddy while interacting with Freddy(1:30min each)
  • Rule Based Games, and Academics
    minimum - playing tag at walk and trot in arena with required equipment (30 sec). Re-stage the math and fractions example of the workshop at walk and trot with Freddy while interacting with Freddy (30 sec)
    featured- tag with canter with Freddy (1:30min); jousting & swords in arena (make sure your horse is bombproof before attempting this!!!) (1:30min); recreate Movement Method games for kids in arena or woods (1:30min)
  • Long lining
    minimum - walk and collected trot with volunteer in arena, reenacting self-advocacy by talking about subject volunteer is interested in (30 sec)
    featured- jousting at walk and trot with volunteer interacting with topic of choice (1:30min)

Written evaluation:

please submit all of the following 

  • list of all the equipment you are using
  • list of all the horses and small animals you are using
  • 1 case study of a child that you have been working with for an extended period of time together with a reference from that family
  • 1 case study of at least 1 educational game you have created for a child (not the same child as above) and a reference from that family
  • 1 case study of you applying at least 2 Horse Boy Method Ethics with a child.
  • submit your insurance policy