If you have participated in Horse Boy Method 2. Read below to find out what you need to do to become a 1* STAR HORSE BOY METHOD PRACTITIONER.

  • When a Practitioner has completed all requirements for the Independent 1* Star Horse Boy Method Practitioner he/she can advertise that he/she is offering one-family Horse Boy Sessions. Please see our advertising guidelines for details.
  • Currently Basic Independent Horse Boy Practitioner
  • Completed Horse Boy Method 2 - Preparing the back-riding horse - course live or online. Must participate as RIDER
  • Contact us for detailed list on requirements for videos and child case studies.

1* Star Horse Boy Method Practitioner Evaluation Phase

In order to complete your certification you need to go through an Evaluation Phase ($225 for online participants - included for live course participants). When you apply for the Evaluation Phase we will create a DropBox Folder for you. In this folder we will load two Excel sheets for you. One will guide you through the requirements below, the other one is a year end report that we request from each Practitioner. As you go through your Evaluation Phase you simply need to tick off the requirements you have submitted and fill out all checklists in the Excel sheet. Please also upload all videos into your DropBox folder. 

Here is an overview of what we will be requesting from you:

Videos to be submitted:

We will evaluate you on your environment and how you have implemented Horse Boy Method within your environment. Don't worry about if your horse is sparkly or a bit dusty. Happy pasture ponies are difficult to keep clean, it goes without saying of course that we won't be able to accept videos however of horses that are emaciated, starved or are lame. Of course there are days where our ponies are off. However we cannot accept videos of a horse that is clearly lame or in pain. Please check our code of conduct for horse care requirements. All videos will only be evaluated if they are within 10 seconds of the requested time and proper equipment and safety gear is used.

The minimum is what you have to supply to qualify to be listed on our website. If you submit all videos with "featured" requirements we will feature your listing through our website.

  • Lunging:
    minimum – show your horse is nicely lunging at walk trot and canter in loose but engaged side reins. (30 sec)
    featured – submit 3 videos 1 of a young/green horse you are starting to lunge with help from an outside side walker, 2: a horse with muscled top line lunging in side reins or Vienna side rein; 3: a well educated and muscled horse being lunged in Valenca or lunging apparatus equipment with smooth transitions from at all gaits. (1:30min)
  • Basic in hand:
    minimum - show jaw flexions, yielding of pole, yielding of quarters (30 sec)
    featured - show above plus shoulder in and traver (1:30min)
  • Countdowns & canter transition:
    minimum – walk and trot countdowns with turn on the haunches to change direction (30 sec)
    featured – show the above plus nice walk to canter transitions without losing connection or rhythm in the canter. Canter 4 strides than halt. Show at least 5 consecutive walk – canter –halt – walk sets. (1:30min)
  • Neck-reining:
    minimum – show your horse can walk around an obstacle course while turning only through neckreining. Only one hand allowed on reins at all times. (30 sec)
    featured - show above plus do the obstacle course at a trot. (1:30min).
  • Freddy
    minimum – one handed walk and trot countdowns while riding in western saddle with Freddy the Teddy (30 sec)
    featured - show above plus walk canter transitions and 4 strides of canter. Show at least 3 consecutive sets.(1:30min)
  • Trail Ride
    minimum – walk and trot over rough terrain. Choose the steepest slopes you have (within the normal safety precautions. Don't risk a slope don't feel comfortable with!) (30 sec)
    featured – above plus small jumps or large trotting poles on trails. (1:30min)

Written evaluation:

  • Please submit a detailed bio of each of your horses, including it's previous training, breeding, where it came from, difficulties and strength. When applying to become a HBM 1 Star practitioner we will make a dropbox folder available for you that will include a template for your horse's bios.
  • Please submit a equipment list (template will be provided in dropbox)
  • Please provide a detailed description with photos of your riding environment (i.e. arenas, trails, etc.). Please point out what the areas are you are considering for canter work. Template to be provided in DropBox.