We offer 5 levels of Horse Boy℠ Method training. 

  • Horse Boy Method 1: introduces you to the six stages and eight guidelines of the Method and equips you to work with individual families.
  • Horse Boy Method 2: teaches you how to prepare and maintain the Horse Boy Horse: a horse that can create oxytocin through collected movement, both while back-riding and while in the long lines.
  • Horse Boy Method 3: Creating your environment and team, setting goals, creating activities to address behaviors and academics, working with IEPS, and make inclusion possible..
  • Horse Boy Method 4: prepares the very advanced rider to train a horse that can work at the very collected canter which gets the biggest oxytocin effect.

Completion of a course and it's evaluation phase certifies you as Practitioner. Read more about becoming a Practitioner here

If you are a parent looking for services find a Practitioner here

Various organizations (including PATH INTL., Montessori, and others) accept Horse Boy Method and Movement Method courses as continuous education credits.

Read on below to find out about each course in detail.