Duration: 3 3 day Horse Boy camps 

Cost (prices may vary):

  • $500 1st participation at Horse Boy Camp
  • $1500 2nd camp run by Horse Boy staff at your location
  • $1000 3rd camp run by you at your location with Horse Boy staff in attendance

Qualification: 4**** Star Horse Boy Method Practitioner

Designed for:

  • Horse Boy Method 3*** Star Practitioners that want to start offering Horse Boy Camps


  • Has completed Horse Boy Method 3 AND has either completed Horse Boy Method 4 or has a staff member who has completed Horse Boy Method 4

What will be covered in Horse Boy Method 5?

  • Logistics of camp organization
  • Managing the team and recruiting the team
  • Managing parent expectations and participation
  • Managing sibling and parent activities
  • Creating the equine team of 4-6 top level Horse Boy Horses
  • Creating a synthesis of Horse Boy and Movement Method, so that life skills, academic goals, and therapeutic effect all happen together
  • Maximizing neuro-trophic effect
  • Dealing with crisis
  • Helping initiate tribe among the parents
  • Creation of blue print strategies when they go home
  • Participation and running of a total of 3 Horse Boy Camps at your location as well as Trainers locations. 

What to bring

  • If you ride, please bring proper riding attire (boots, jeans or other riding pants, helmet, gloves etc)
  • Notebook and pen

Upcoming Horse Boy Method workshops

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Quickest and easiest way to get started are our online courses. Check the available ATHENA/Horse Boy Method online courses out here. We strongly suggest that you take Movement Method as well as ATHENA/Horse Boy Method to best serve your clients.