Megan – Belton, TX

So, in 1 day, just 1 day, we have already seen a difference at the Horse Boy farm has had on Daelyn. I haven’t shared yet, but Daelyn was going through a spell of disengaging with the horses and it was a struggle for me emotionally because to do a lot of the sensory work with a horse and kiddo, you need a few helpers of which I am of short supply and knowing how therapeutic horses can be, it was making me a little sad. BUT, since her debut at the farm she has not only FULLY re-engaged in the horses, but was tell me how “big” Miss Olivia was, ASKING to pet her and ASKING to ride her. This, THIS is the difference they can and have made even in just one day ♥ I look forward to many more blissful days with these amazingly selfless folks and animals that bless this farm ♥ ~Megan


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