Movement Method and Horse Boy Method: my journey

For about a year I’ve been looking forward to this week. So happy I could step on the aircraft that took me in about 20 minutes to my destination; Curacao here I come! I even became a co-pilot in these 20 minutes, how cool is that!

Finally learning all about Movement Method and Horse Boy method! Traveling by car here is a completely different thing! Where I live it’s very quiet and we don’t have that many cars. So I was very satisfied with my driver this week, thank you ☺

First we had 2 days of Movement Method training; learning all about how the brain works and a lot of fun ways to teach all about any desired subject. Not to mention the environment; what a change we made in the classroom! I know environment is important, but to be able to experience by yourself what it can do really makes a difference. Nobody can tell you or show you unless you experience it.
After some hard work, studying and a lot of fun, we got back to the apartment. I brought my hiking shoes so I enjoyed a good walk with some beautiful views. And then on my way back I found a new trail so next morning of course I had to explore some more. It is truly amazing what you can find in just a 20 minute flight from home. I would expect a lot of the same, but nature really goes beyond expectations!

Then, after a day of rest, Horse Boy Method was next on program. Different location, also beyond expectations! There is some serious work done here, but also lots of time to play around. For people and animals. What a place!
It was really nice to learn some more about the theory from Movement Method. I found it very valuable to have completed these two courses this week.
I loved the sensory work with the horses and being able to play the games on horseback was a lot of fun! After some thorough instructions and some practice of course. Our trainers really were a wonderful team!

I learned a lot this week; personally and professionally. I’m already using some of the theory in my work now. It’s amazing to see what a small change can do. Makes me curious what else is out there. If only a small change can establish big things, then what’s next?
The dream whisperer’s story inspired me so much, it also made me realize that taking this course is the start of my dreams…

Once again I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who made this week a success. I truly loved it. I will continue my dreams and I’m sure we’ll meet again!

Lianne Dolleman, Bonaire


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