Movement Method Training Testimony V. Roberts

Valerie Roberts:


I wanted to apologize for missing Saturday. I was so disappointed that I caught some stomach bug. It was a fascinating and enjoyable training!

I was wondering if the next time you teach it, if I may attend again so that I can finish? Or if you would mind teaching me one on one so that I can finish the training? I am so very interested and am thinking I might like to go on in Movement Method. I know how powerful it can be with student who have Autism since two of my children do. I also have been tutoring my friend’s son who has Autism by moving while doing math. It helps him to retain the knowledge and to not become frustrated. When sitting still, he struggles so hard to pull up the mathematical concepts…but you get him moving on the trampoline…a whole different story!

Thank you so much for even the one day I was able to attend. It was beautifully taught!


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