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The science is conclusive: there is no longer any controversy among education and neuro-scientist that movement creates optimal learning. Making kids sit still can impair learning. The challenge: How to teach with movement (kinetic learning) when you have a class of 30 and one single teacher confined to a small room?

With Movement Method we have the answers to this challenge. Lesson Plans from the most basic to the most advanced, at all grade levels, tailored to the national curriculum that include movement within a class environment without losing control of students’ behavior.

In addition, we have easy and inexpensive strategies for making even small rooms both sensory-friendly and kinetic: the two essential elements for ending the cell danger response in the brain – the stress that prevents long term learning – and opening up the learning receptors of the brain.

If you teach in this way not only is it less stressful for student and teacher but students benefit from neuro-plasticity and begin to seek out learning, transforming performance into the excellence zone.

Our Lesson Plans are created via education experts at several universities around the world and are endorsed by neuro-scientists and teachers alike.

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