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Teachers give and give and give. Burn-out is an occupational hazard. To prevent it and to heal from it Movement Method has effective strategies developed in collaboration with cutting edge research from the University of Texas at Austin. Implemented in schools in several countries, these strategies are surprisingly easy to add to your day without causing yet more stress or time commitment.

 Movement Method is designed not just for kids to learn better, but for teachers to feel better. There are two main components: Self-Compassion and kinetic strategies that combat fatigue, improve mood, and build better overall mental and physical health.

Because teachers work so hard, the last thing they need is something that makes their day more stressful or makes them feel bad because they feel they should be doing it but can’t fit it in. Self-Compassion – the art of being kind to yourself so that you can take care of others (think how in airplane safety instructions they tell you to put your own oxygen mask on before helping others around you) – is very easy to do. We have simple exercises that work in seconds to retrieve you from stress and to make you more resilient to every day stresses.

Once you know how to do these easy exercises, Movement Method then gives you ways of moving that will further reduce stress and increase creativity: putting the joy back into the job! These movements are designed to be effortlessly incorporated into your teaching time so that there is no conflict with lesson duration or additional time commitment on your side. To read more about the brain and body science behind all check out our Science of Learning.