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To read how effective Movement Method has been for this teacher and her team over three years with some extremely challenging students read here.

Evaluation of Movement Method strategies at an Infants and Nursery School. March 2017

Movement Method strategies have been an integral part of teaching at this Infants school since September 2014. At this time pupil A started in my class. He was a year 2 child (6 years old) and had a diagnosis of Autism. I was given support from the Horse Boy team in Texas via email and webinars which gave me a few strategies to trial and a continuous support network. Since this time we have continued to increase the use of Movement Method strategies in our daily teaching practice.

Initially we started with a classroom makeover where we used natural colours on display boards, drapes, changed the colour of the chairs from red to yellow and invested in some plants to go around the classroom to give the feeling of being in nature.
This had an instant impact on the feel of the classroom. It became a calm and peaceful space for the children to learn.

We further developed our practice through support from Jenny at New Trails, Texas.

The following case studies demonstrate the use of Movement Method strategies at this Infants and the impact they have had on the education experience of these pupils.

You can download the full report here