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We have both online courses and also offer live workshops with our trained Movement Method specialists who are both teachers themselves and also pedagogists and educational psychologists with daily experience in the classroom. Read on to bring a team into your school.

Some schools one to jump right in and for those schools we suggest you This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set up a 2 day workshop at your school. That workshop allows your teachers to get certified in Movement Method after they have taken the course. Find details on our our certification workshops here.

Other schools want to give their teachers the opportunity to learn about Movement Method in shorter increments. For you we have design a set of school workshops that are super easy to implement in your already busy days. A series of six simple, 1 hour workshops that can be delivered into an existing continuous education timeslot, we begin with the basics of kinetic learning, Self-Compassion for teachers, and simple environment make-overs. If your school only ever does this first 1 hour workshop it will still make a massive difference to the overall effectiveness of your schools culture and performance.

The subsequent 1 hour workshops go deeper into teaching specific subjects kinetically within the limitations of classroom settings and are targeted for various grade levels.

Our specialty is kinetic learning for middle schoolers in math and science: the pain point for many schools where students often being to go off track. Our strategies and solutions as well as lesson plans bring intrinsic motivation to learn back into the students’ mental attitude with often surprising results.

To learn more about what is covered in the live workshops check out this page to learn more about what online courses are available click here , and to see which Trainers are in your area click here.

If neither our live workshops nor our online resources seem to be a fit for your school, we also offer online webinars or phone consultations. To find out more contact us here.